Capital Orders

Lump Sum Orders

The court can order a party to pay to the other, or to a child of the family, a cash lump sum. There are two main reasons for making such an order:

  • to adjust the final division of the parties’ assets;
  • to compensate the recipient for expenses incurred prior to the application as a result of inadequate support from the Respondent.

Property Adjustment Orders

The court has wide powers to redistribute family property between the parties and the children of the family. This may be achieved by ordering the transfer of the property from one party to the other or it may be held on trust.

Orders for sale

The court has power to order a sale of any property in which either party is beneficially entitled. The court can make this order only once it has also made one of the following orders:

  • Secured Periodical Order;
  • Lump Sum Order;
  • Property Adjustment Order.

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