Commercial Property

Commercial managing agents are essential for those owning Commercial Property. The relevant legislation is contained within the Landlord and Tenant Acts of 1927 and 1954. As experienced commercial property agents, we are able to assist you in providing the correct advice in relation to the management of your commercial property.

We abide by the Service Charge Code of Practice, which is published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and which sets out best practice for operation of service charges in commercial property.


We offer a Full Service Management Package, at the following rates for commercial property:

  • Management for first year – 15% of annual rent
  • Management for second and subsequent years – 12% of annual rent


In the event that repairs or building works are required, we will only levy an additional charge where the value of the repairs exceeds £250.00.  We find the appropriate professional and charge a management fee of 10% of the total costs of the work.


Commercial property has a number of tax advantages not available to most residential property investors, including superior taper relief on capital gains, capital allowances, and the ability to use pension funds for investment.

For any other management fees in relation to your property, please contact us

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