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The landscape of employment law is constantly changing and has become one of the fastest growing areas of law in England and Wales.  The lack of a clear legal definition for an “employed or self-employed status” has contributed to an increase in claims made to the Employment Tribunals from individuals asserting their employed status.  Throughout the years, we have witnessed many high profile cases which constantly change the legal relationship between employers and employees.

Given its nature, it can be overwhelming for both employers and employees to get a clear understanding of their legal positions.

What We Do

At Lester Dominic Solicitors, we always adopt a conciliatory approach.  After all no one wants to incur the expense and the uncertainty of going to the Tribunals, if this can be avoided by a sensible settlement.

Unlike some firms which primarily represent either employers or employees, we often represent both.  Our experience offers us an insight into the unique concerns for both sides (employers and employees) when matters become contentious, which in turn allows us to assist our respective clients in reaching a satisfactory settlement.

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