Partners, families and other dependent relatives

We understand the importance of families to every individual and we can help you to be reunited with your family.

With the introduction of the Civil Partnership Act 2004, civil partners are treated the same as married couples under the Immigration Rules. Unmarried (including same-sex) partners also continue to benefit under the Immigration Rules. Since November 2010, applicants will need to meet the English language requirements.

There are also provisions in the Immigration Rules which allow for children to join their parents in the UK and also for dependant relatives to join their settled families.

Please note that in addition to having to demonstrate that you are either a part of a family or a dependant relative of a settled person in the UK, in most cases you would be required to evidence the strength of the relationship and the level of dependence upon your settled family. In our experience, every case is unique and you should obtain legal advice before attempting to make an application.

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