Tier 4 sponsors (education providers)

Education providers must register themselves as Tier 4 Sponsors before they are able to sponsor students who come to the UK to study. A student who wishes to come to the UK to study under Tier 4 would require a Tier 4 Sponsor to issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) which should then accompany their Tier 4 application.

There have been many changes under the Tier 4 Points Based System. It is important to note that from April 2012, any educational institution wanting to sponsor students will need to be classed as a Highly Trusted Sponsor and will need to become accredited by a Statutory Education Inspection Body by the end of 2012.

Our immigration solicitors can assist you in making a Tier 4 Sponsorship application or in obtaining the Highly Trusted Sponsor status. We can also advise you on compliance issues as a Tier 4 Sponsor Licence Holder.

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