Turkish nationals

The European Community Association Agreement with Turkey, also known as the ‘Ankara Agreement’, provides for Turkish nationals who wish to establish themselves and their business in the UK and Turkish national workers who wish to extend their Visas to work in the UK. Dependants from this category may also gain permission to remain in the UK.

In order to qualify as a businessperson from this category, you must be able to show that you have the necessary skills to establish yourself in your proposed business and that you have sufficient funds to help you establish your business and to support you and any dependants that you may have.

In order to qualify for further permission to stay in the UK as a worker, you must have already been employed legally in the UK by the same employer for 1 year in order to continue to work for the same employer. You may be able to change employer after you have been working for 3 years. However, your new employers must offer you employment in the same capacity. After having worked in the UK under this category for 4 years, you may be able to accept any type of job from any employer.

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