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The most common misconception for most immigration applicants is that it is merely a form filling or document collecting exercise. No one denies the importance of using the correct form and documentation to support the application. However, most applicants fail to realise that the UK Border Agency, British Embassies/High Commissions and VFS Centres receive tens of thousands of applications on a daily basis. An application needs to stand out from the rest and the way your application is presented is therefore fundamentally important. In our view, the success or failure of an application often hinges on the way the application is being presented.

The UK Government throughout the year has tried to limit the rights of appeal. Before making an application, you should understand whether an application will attract a right to appeal once it has been refused. If there is no right of appeal, this may affect your ability to make future applications. It is therefore vital that you seek legal advice or assistance to ensure that your application has been presented properly at the time of your application.

Immigration laws in the UK are complex and are constantly changing. It is important that you understand your immigration position against this backdrop, since adverse immigration history is likely to cause difficulties when making any future application.

We recommend that you seek legal advice at least 3 months prior to the date of the application.

Applications made outside the UK

The Visa application process is different for people who are applying from outside the UK; we are able to assist you with your application to the British Embassy/High Commission in your country of residence.

We aim to provide a one-stop service and, in addition to preparing and advising on the application, once you are represented by us, our immigration solicitors can also arrange for your application to be submitted to the VFS Centre.

Same Day Service

The Home Office provide a premium service for people in certain visa categories who wish to extend their stay in the UK. This service allows individuals to apply in person at one of the Home Office public enquiry offices by appointment only, although it is only applicable for certain types of applications. The aim of this service is to provide the majority of applications with a decision on the same day.

Applicants who use this service can also employ a legal representative to submit an application on their behalf. Lester Dominic Solicitors are authorised by the UK Border Agency to represent their clients and to send the application directly to the Croydon Public Enquiry Office.

You may wish to take advantage of the arrangement we have with the UK Border Agency which will enable us to request and allocate a date from the Home Office directly. Normally, we only have to give 1 to 2 weeks’ notice to obtain an appointment. We will also personally attend the Croydon Public Enquiry Office to submit the application on your behalf.

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